• Spin City Instructor Training – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Pole
  • Spin City Anatomy and Physiology
  • PDC Approved 3* Instructor
  • Jamie Taylor, Defy Gravity – Exotic Pole, Floorwork, Serpent Power
  • Xpert Spinning Pole Instuctor Training – Xpole

Teaching Style and Philosophy

Her teaching style is inclusive, thorough and fun-loving. Issy’s students value her detailed instruction, the importance she places on safety, her linear approach to learning and continued professional development. Issy came to pole with no previous dance background and little upper body strength, or flexibility. She therefore understands the challenge presented by learning this new skill and approaches her students’ pole journey with the greatest care.

Repertoire and Experience

Issy started pole in 2012, quickly falling in love with the challenge of learning a new skill. She gained her first instructor qualification in May 2015 and has since taught continuously; including group classes, workshops and private lessons.

The fitness and tricks aspects of pole are still a major interest for Issy, however her focus has now shifted somewhat to dance and flow. She personally finds the dance aspect of pole to be incredibly healing and fulfilling. Issy has competed at local and national level and performs regularly in the UK.

  • UK Authentic Pole Dance Competition 2016 – 2nd Place, Semi-Professional Category
  • English Riviera Pole Championships 2016 – 2nd Place, Professional Category

Issy is known for her smooth and controlled style, choreography and interesting pole tricks and combinations.

Biggest inspirations

  • Alethea Austin
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Kitty Velour
  • Rhiannon White
  • Sarah Jade
  • Steven Retchless


  • Bendy Kate (Handbalancing)
  • Christiana Manga (private class)
  • Elena Gibson (Intermediate Tricks)
  • Jamie Taylor (Bottom Third of Pole Flow, Floor Work)
  • Justine McLucas (Intermediate Tricks)
  • Michelle Shimmy (Shimmy’s Favourite Moves & Acro-Lapdance)
  • Pantera Blacksmith (TriSexta)
  • Robyn Rooke (Unusual Aerial Combos & private classes) – 2015
  • Charlotte Robertson (Everything Handstands & Acro-Pole Fusion) – September 2015
  • Dan Rosen (Solo Tricks & Stripper School) – November 2015
  • Dan Rosen Intensive Day (Higher Intermediate) – June 2017
  • Sarah Blackmilk (Slinkyography & regular private lessons)
  • Steven Retchless (Femme Pole, Heels Choreography)
  • Kitty Velour (Kitty Choreography, Chair Dance)
  • Sarah Scott (Basework, exotic pole)
  • Rhiannon White
  • Andi Active Cherry (Andi’s Signature Tricks, private lessons)
  • Pam McGhee (Flips, Re-grips and deadlifts, advanced/elite pole tricks intensive)
  • Felicity Logan – Elastic Pole
  • Doris Arnold – Choreography
  • Ava Hennessy – Goddess Goals
  • Kitty Velour
  • Crissy Lopez – Floor Crunk to Flip Mode
  • Shoulder stability protocol for clients
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