I am now creating online content through the Patreon platform. My aim is to compliment your face to face pole training and provide an uplifting experience during periods of lockdown. I am including a balance of pole and non-pole tutorials, therefore, if you do not have the benefit of a pole at home, you will still profit from the content.

At 27/03/21 there are over 200 videos to choose from, this includes a range of full classes and bite sized tutorials.

My tutorials and class recordings include

  • Flexibility
  • Pole Dance Tricks
  • Pole Dance Choreography
  • Floor work
  • Chair dance
  • Spinning Pole

Further benefits depending on the patron tier chosen include

  • 1:1 VIP training online

Client Testimonial

From my first pole classes in the studio, to my online learning at home, Issy’s guidance has helped me achieve many goals in my pole and flexibility journey.

I enjoy the environment she creates in classes making them welcoming and accessible. By breaking down each move, she ensures that we all know exactly what is happening and builds our confidence at the same time. ~Clara

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