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Why pole dance?

At Devon Pole Dance, we’re all about providing excellent pole dance instruction in a supportive and fun environment. We believe that pole dance is a personal journey, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching it.


You will receive unprecedented support from your teacher and class-mates. Our classes are about so much more than pole dance. We have helped hundreds of students to increase their confidence, strength and flexibility.


You don’t need any prior level of fitness to start, most of our students come to us with no prior dance experience. We will teach you everything you need to be the best pole dancer you can be.

WHo we are

  • Inclusivity at its best – all body types are welcome!
  • Top quality professional instruction.
  • A tight-knit studio community.

what we do

  • Group classes and  VIP 1:1 training
  • Classes that not only enhance your pole skills but also contribute to your overall well-being, both physically and mentally.
  • Connect like-minded individuals who share a passion for pole dance and a commitment to personal growth.
  • Offer a safe space for you to learn about all the wonderful things your body is capable of.


What is your pole personality?

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Dark and stormy or light and breezy?

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Neon lights or dappled sunlight?

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What do you identify with the most?

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Physical contact or spoken word?

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Bold and sensual or captivating and artistic?

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Do you prefer candles and incense or crisp fresh air?

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High heels or barefoot?

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Abigail Davies
Abigail Davies
Devon Pole Dance is an incredible studio for many reasons. I've tried other pole classes over the years, but have never been part of a studio that has such positive and supportive vibes, everyone is welcome and cheers each other on. It's amazing to be a part of. Issy's teaching style is also fantastic; she focuses not only on learning and perfecting new tricks, but on incorporating them into pretty combos and flow. It's not just about ticking off a list of tricks, but truly working on being well-rounded in all aspects of pole, and I feel really proud of the progress I've made in just under a year already. I can't recommend the studio enough, and a huge thank you to Issy and Leanne for being such wonderful teachers!
I'm so happy I joined DPD. I wanted to do something for myself which was fun and challenging, and in doing so I found Pole Dance with Issy & Leanne. Not only are they great instructors, and the classes are fun and supportive, but I also found friendship with a group of amazing and empowering people. Not only have my Pole abilities improved, so has my confidence AND my social circle. If you're thinking about starting pole dance, there's nothing not to love about the DPD community.
Jade 24
Jade 24
Devon Pole Dance has changed my life in so many ways! Starting something new is always scary but DPD is such a supportive environment, where you feel safe and accepted no matter what. I couldn't ask for a better community♡
Zoe Mazdon
Zoe Mazdon
I joined Devon Pole Dance just under two years ago, I started by doing private lessons with Issy before finally building up the confidence to do classes. I’ve never felt safe or comfortable in a fitness or dance environment before but Devon pole is so much more than a studio, it’s a community ❤️ One that uplifts, empowers and protects one another! Classes with both Issy and Leanne are amazing, everything to tailored to any ability, size, age. Warning: your ego will grow with how much everyone hypes you up!
Mytee Radicals
Mytee Radicals
Devon Pole Dance is so much more than just pole studio. It's a community of like minded beautiful people that will become your family, give you confidence, strength and make you feel worthy. The amazing instructors have great attention to detail, patience and passion when it comes to teaching. Issy and Leanne take great care for their students individually and treat everyone equally. 100% recommend this pole studio.
Becki Allott
Becki Allott
Discovering Devon Pole Dance has been really life changing for me! Having relocated to the south west, as a busy working mum I found it tough to make any time for myself. I’d always wanted to dance, and found Issy’s classes, and they had timings that fit in with my work and family life. I was amazed at the inclusive and positive atmosphere; anybody and everybody is welcome and made to feel comfortable, regardless of ability. The emphasis is on a holistic and balanced approach, building strength, and safely learning to develop your pole skills, and having fun while you do it. It’s a safe space to be yourself whilst working on fitness, strength, flexibility and dance skills. But it’s not just about pole, I’ve also found a diverse, inspiring community that I’m so proud to be a part of. Definitely give this a go if you’ve been thinking about trying something new!
Emma Archard
Emma Archard
Really enjoying the beginners class on a Tuesday with Leanne. Taking me out of my comfort zone, but super fun and come away smiling and excited for next week.... although a little bit achy showing me in using muscles I've never used before.
Krissy Pretty
Krissy Pretty
Issy at Pole Dance Devon was so welcoming and really took time to understand what I wanted to achieve from our lessons together. She tailored our session so well that they where both challenging as motivational with easy to track progress being made each session. Her group classes are fun, supportive and again tailored to the abilities in class. If you want to try pole dance or build on your current ability I would urge you to get in touch!