Devon Pole Dance Teachers

Issy Max, Owner & Lead Instructor

Issy Max


  • Spin City Instructor Training – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Pole
  • Spin City Anatomy and Physiology
  • PDC Approved 3* Instructor
  • Jamie Taylor, Defy Gravity – Stripper Style Pole, Floorwork, Serpent Power
  • Xpert Spinning Pole Instuctor Training – Xpole

Teaching Style and Philosophy

Her teaching style is inclusive, thorough and fun-loving. Issy’s students value her detailed instruction, the importance she places on safety, her linear approach to learning and continued professional development. Issy came to pole with no previous dance background and little upper body strength, or flexibility. Therefore, she understands the challenge presented by learning this new skill and approaches her students’ pole journey with the greatest care.

Repertoire and Experience

Issy started pole in 2012, quickly falling in love with the challenge of learning a new skill. She gained her first instructor qualification in May 2015 and has taught continuously since; including group classes, workshops and private lessons.

The fitness and tricks aspects of pole are still a major interest for Issy, however her focus has now shifted somewhat to dance and flow. She personally finds the dance aspect of pole to be incredibly healing and fulfilling. Issy has competed at local and national level and performs regularly in the UK.

  • UK Authentic Pole Dance Competition 2016 – 2nd Place, Semi-Professional Category

Issy is known for her smooth and controlled style, choreography and interesting pole tricks and combinations.

Biggest inspirations

  • Alethea Austin
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Kitty Velour
  • Rhiannon White
  • Sarah Jade
  • Steven Retchless


  • Bendy Kate (Handbalancing)
  • Christiana Manga (private class)
  • Elena Gibson (Intermediate Tricks)
  • Jamie Taylor (Bottom Third of Pole Flow, Floor Work)
  • Justine McLucas (Intermediate Tricks)
  • Michelle Shimmy (Shimmy’s Favourite Moves & Acro-Lapdance)
  • Pantera Blacksmith (TriSexta)
  • Robyn Rooke (Unusual Aerial Combos & private classes) – 2015
  • Charlotte Robertson (Everything Handstands & Acro-Pole Fusion) – September 2015
  • Dan Rosen (Solo Tricks & Stripper School) – November 2015
  • Dan Rosen Intensive Day (Higher Intermediate) – June 2017
  • Sarah Blackmilk (Slinkyography & regular private lessons)
  • Steven Retchless (Femme Pole, Heels Choreography)
  • Kitty Velour (Kitty Choreography, Chair Dance)
  • Sarah Scott (Basework, exotic pole)
  • Rhiannon White
  • Andi Active Cherry (Andi’s Signature Tricks, private lessons)
  • Pam McGhee (Flips, Re-grips and deadlifts, advanced/elite pole tricks intensive)
  • Felicity Logan – Elastic Pole
  • Doris Arnold – Choreography
  • Ava Hennessy – Goddess Goals
  • Kitty Velour
  • Crissy Lopez – Floor Crunk to Flip Mode
  • Shoulder stability protocol for clients

Leanne – Instructor

My pole journey

I started pole in 2016. At first I thought I would only ever do it for fitness purposes, learning the origins of pole and original old school style is what really got me hooked.

My thoughts on instructing

A good instructor should be passionate about pole, as well as sharing knowledge and love for the art. My obsession for pole and desire for everyone to experience this amazing artform and community is what inspired me to become an instructor. Starting pole changed me as a person for the better, the confidence and self worth I have reached through it is something everyone should experience.

Describe your style

Sexy sassy flow with some edgy moments, and always in my 8″ heels. I’m a real music fan and adore putting together full choreo or even shorter combos that go perfectly with the music. Musicality is one of my goals I am really working on.

Becki – Cover Instructor

My pole journey

I started pole dancing five years ago and immediately fell in love. I had no prior dance or gymnastics experience, and worked hard to build my strength to learn new tricks.   More recently, I discovered pole dancing in heels and pole flow, and these quickly became my favourite styles to explore.   My training is currently focused on improving my flexibility in order to achieve more fluidity in my movement. 

Why did you want to teach pole?

I find teaching incredibly fulfilling, and love the feeling of helping people to achieve their goals. I am incredibly passionate about pole dancing as a form of self-expression, and feel really strongly about the way in which it is taught to and shared with others, as I know the impact that having a knowledgeable and passionate teacher can have on guiding and inspiring your practice.  I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others, and am committed to continually learning and developing my own practice to enable me to be the best possible instructor I can be. 

Who are your pole inspirations:

Maddie Sparkle, Sarah Blackmilk, Lauren Elise

What are your favourite pole moves?

Gemini, Brass Monkey, Ayesha 

How would you describe your teaching style?

It is important to me that students have the opportunity to develop the core skills they need to be able to carve out their own style. 

My aim is to teach fundamental techniques safely, and to encourage students to think about performing moves and spins in a way that appears effortless and intentional. Further, I try to discourage students from feeling that pole is inaccessible to them if they don’t have a lot of upper-body strength. With regular practice, this will develop quickly, and tricks are only one aspect of pole: Some of my favourite dancers perform predominantly floorwork! 

I feel strongly that pole classes should remain true to the origins of pole dance by incorporating dance and flow elements: Heels are always welcome in my classes!

What is your pole style?

I love spinning pole and dancing in heels! My favourite pole dancers use their shoes to create beautiful, clean lines and exaggerated silhouettes. 

Tell us an interesting fact about you!

I like making paper flowers and I have pet seamonkeys, to whom I am devoted.