Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before my first pole dance class?

Your basic clothing kit for pole is made up of leggings and a long sleeved top for the warm up and cool down/stretching and spins. For climbing the pole, practicing seats etc. you will need additional skin grip. This means shorts, a sports bra and camisole top. You may also like to bring socks to make your floor-based turns easier. From lesson one, any student who wishes to, is encouraged to feel free to wear heels. We suggest that you wear a pair with an ankle strap.

Our advice is to wear clothing that doesn’t cut in and makes you feel good.

You should not apply moisturisers to your body or hands for 24 hours before your class.

Please bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel.

Do I need previous dance or fitness experience to start pole?

In short, NO! A consistent pole dance practice will improve your level of overall fitness and flexibility. Over time, you will build fluidity in movement as well as strength. It’s ok to be a beginner, and mistakes are part of learning. We look for progress, not perfection.

What can I expect in my first pole dance lessons?

At your own pace, you will learn the essentials of how to move around the pole, as well as spins and simple upright poses such as seats on the pole. You will then be introduced to climbing up and down the pole. As you progress you will learn to link movements and enter into poses from climbs. Everybody learns at a different pace and there is no pressure to progress.

Am I too old?

There is no upper age limit and we accept students from age 16 onwards.

Do I have to be flexible to start pole dance?

Without good flexibility it is very much possible to learn many fantastic poses, spins and transitions at beginner level and beyond. Regular pole dance training will improve your level of flexibility. A lot of famous pole dancers are on record as saying they started with no existing flexibility,

Should I go to the gym first and improve my strength before starting lessons?

No. Your pole dance lessons include conditioning which will improve your strength in all the ways you need to be a competent pole dancer.

I think I’m too fat. Should I lose weight before starting classes?

No. Pole dance is for everybody. Whatever your life goals are, please use pole to support your self image and uplift you in learning all the amazing things your body can do.

What kneepads should I buy?

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