Pole Dance Group Classes

Designed to help you discover your inner dancer while fostering physical and mental well-being. Our highly trained instructors focus on fluid movement and core strength, ensuring a holistic approach to pole training.

Class Descriptions


Suitable for complete beginners or students wishing to hone their technique, this class will cover the foundations of everything you need to know to be the best pole dancer you can be. Spins, transitions, seats and climbs. We will lay out all the nitty gritty technique to help you achieve a solid foundation.

We offer dedicated beginner 4 week courses, perfect for nervous students, as well as drop in classes. 

Attire: Pole shorts/bodysuit, tank top, sports bra. Pole grip. Pole heels/barefoot.


Students attending this class should be secure in climbing, seats and a range of basic spins. This class will take you upside down and spin you around in new, exciting, and more complex ways.

You will cover the basics of inversions, laybacks and pole-assisted handstands. Consistent content for each month, with a view to building the content into a cohesive tricks and flow sequence.

Pre-requisites: Climb and side climb, pole sits, strong knee raises from standing next to the pole.

Attire: Pole shorts/bodysuit, tank top, sports bra. Pole grip. Pole heels/barefoot.

Intermediate and Advanced

Students attending this class should be secure in improver level skills such as basic inverts, laybacks and pole assisted handstands.

This class will work on and towards skills such as butterfly, extended butterfly and leg hangs.

Advanced level students can expect to work on shouldermounts, aerial inverts, brass-monkey and arms only skills. Expect advanced conditioning drills and to work on the pole with fewer points of contact.

Pre-requisites: Strong improver level skills

Attire: Pole shorts/bodysuit, tank top, sports bra. Pole grip. Pole heels/barefoot.

Flow Classes

Beginner Flow:

Discover the art of pole flow in our Beginner class. Over four weeks, learn graceful spins and transitions led by expert instructors. No experience needed—join us and unlock your inner dancer!

Basework Flow (Mixed Ability):

Elevate your pole skills in our Mixed Ability class. Challenge yourself with dynamic spins and combos suitable for improvers and beyond. Join us to flow, express, and challenge your artistry!

Mixed Ability Classes, Open Training and Workshops

Our open training sessions or mixed ability classes are designed to cater to all levels of pole dancers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, these sessions offer a supportive environment to hone your skills and achieve your pole dancing goals.

We also host regular workshops with our in-house instructors, as well as pole stars from around the world


Full body flexibility for pole dancers

Each class will cover exercises and stretches for the full body including back and shoulders, hips and legs. Each month has a specific focus which will be supported by a video you can do at home! We recommend that you complete the video three times per week to boost your progress!

Beginners are absolutely welcome.

About Us: At Devon Pole Dance, we’re more than just a fitness studio. We’re a vibrant community that celebrates diversity and individual growth. Our classes go beyond teaching moves – they empower you to develop your pole skills with fluidity and grace.

Join Our Journey: Ready to transform your fitness journey? Join Devon Pole Dance and become a part of a supportive community that values inclusivity, empowerment, and elegance. Explore our class offerings and experience the magic of pole dancing.

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