VIP Training

Private Training with Issy

VIP pole dance instruction private in Torquay, tailored to your needs. Holistic private training targeted to your goals and needs.

Potential VIP clients are accepted by submitting an application form.

Available options –

  • Scheduled weekly classes
  • Courses
  • One off classes focusing on specific skills
  • Day time, evening and weekend availability
  • Choreography package
  • Competition preparation
  • Wrap around advice, digital classes to bring the studio home, flexibility training etc.
  • Discounts on group lessons for regular VIP clients

Client Testimonial

“Issy is such a proactive, positive & passionate person and this shines through in everything she does! Her creative flair & beautiful style is inspiring & motivating. She has such a high attention to detail and this shows through her own practice and takes you from the basics to creating beautiful show stopping routines!

Issy takes the time to genuinely get to know you as a person without taking a ‘one size fits all approach.’ She takes your visions and makes them into beautiful sparkly routines!

Though I don’t have a dance background she has so much patience, incorporates different learning styles & continuously encourages you & praises you. I always leave feeling like a fierce female, Issy you truly are a magnificent woman!” ~ Chantelle

Why private pole dance classes?

  • Instruction is directly focused on you.
  • A safe, judgement-free space for you to progress at your own pace.
  • Accelerated learning.
  • Custom lesson plans made in collaboration with you to target what YOU would like to learn.
  • Always keeping it fun, safe, and working to your edge.
  • Less frustration because you learn at your pace, outside of a class environment. The teaching is all focused on you.
  • Beautiful warm, private studio in the leafy heart of Torquay

Client Testimonial

“Been going to private classes with Issy for a few months and can honestly say she is so amazing, makes me feel so at ease and encouraged. I never dreamed of being able to do some of the things she has managed to teach me and I come away super proud of myself EVERY week, and full of confidence. I would definitely recommend Issy if you want a teacher with patience, passion and COMpassion. So much love” ~ Megan

Whether you are just starting your pole dance journey, preparing for a competition, or looking to perfect your lines in tricks – apply to join Issy’s squad of VIP students to take your dance to the next level.

Location: Chelston, Torquay