Slippery Hand Saviours! (Hyperhidrosis)

Help is at hand! (badaboom)

It is extremely common to suffer with hand grip issues when starting pole dance classes.

Usually for most students a grip aid like Girlie Grip, or Dry Hands is sufficient to help with grip and drying out clammy palmsin order to grip sufficiently. It is also true that for most students (just like me when I first started out) grip aid usage tends to decrease over time as grip strength improves. Relaxing into the class and not getting too cross with yourself can definitely help, too.

Girlie Grip is available to purchase through me at a cost of £10 per bottle (60ml)

I do regularly teach students who need a little additional help with excessive moisture on their palms. It can be a bit frustrating for my clients as they are constantly having to wipe the pole, their hands and apply grip aids. If a condition such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the palms, underarms and soles of the feet) is present, consideration may be given to the following –

  • Dirty Girl Poletice  This powdered product was the one I started with when I found that I my hands were sweating so much that I needed to create a barrier to sweat, rather than just piling grip aid onto my hands. You wash your hands with non-moisturising soap, make a muddy paste with the powder on the hands, let it dry and then rinse off with just water, patting the skin dry. A barrier is then created to stop sweating.
  • Driclor is another product frequently recommended for students suffering from hyper-hydration. I have not personally used this product however, I have seen it recommended often and it is worth noting that it is easily available from highstreet/online shops in the UK. Applied to the palms before bed, it should help with grip the following day at your pole class and over time a cumulative effect of using the product could also be noted.

The products listed above do not form an exhaustive list of available solutions and it is worth noting that what works for one person, may not work for another. You could also consider speaking to your doctor about your sweaty hand concerns.





To round of this post, have a look at the funny video made by Daniel Rosen on this subject.

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