Green smoothie recipe for Pole Dancers

Happy New Year!

Here we have a recipe for a lovely fresh tasting smoothie to energise you for pole dancing the year away. It couldn’t be easier, tastes lovely and fresh and will energise you without weighing you down.

Top tip – freeze your fresh spinach immediately after purchase. Break bits off and put them straight into the smoothie. No more wilted spinach hanging around in the fridge! I also freeze all my fresh herbs and break or snip bits off as needed.

I use a NutriBullet to blend my smoothies. I like the convenience of it, as the cup you blend in can be sealed with a lid and taken out and about. However, any blender will work just fine.

I have used the larger cup (680ml) for this recipe.

Green smoothie for pole dancers

Two handfuls of spinach
One generous pinch of mint leaves
One pear
One apple
Cucumber (roughly 10cm section)
Water to fill to the maximum line if using NutriBullet. If using a regular blender, I would suggest around 250ml of water. Do add more water if the mixture is too thick.

Blend for around 40 seconds and enjoy!

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