Tropical Blondie Bites

I named this recipe blondie bites as I usually make a chocolatey version flavoured with cocoa powder. (So I can pretend I am eating brownies)

Here the flavour is coconut, vanilla and tropical fruit.

Makes approximately 20 bites. (I am pretty greedy and also lazy, therefore, I can’t be bothered to make them too small, you could definitely change the size of the bites to suit you)


125g tropical dried fruit

3 tbsp fruit juice of your choice (I used apple)

1 ripe banana

1 tsp vanilla extract

4tbsp ground almonds

4 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter (no added sugar, salt or palm oil)

1 packet coconut cream

To finish – About 4 tbsp dessicated coconut to roll the balls in


Place the dried fruit in a small bowl and pour over the juice. Use a spoon to tamp down the fruit so it’s nicely submerged. Leave for at least an hour, ideally two.

Melt the coconut cream in a bowl of freshly boiled water. Keep turning the packet until the contents are melted.

Take the soaked dried fruit, banana and vanilla and pulse in a blender. I didn’t spend too long on this as I like my bites to retain some chunks.

Transfer this to a large bowl and fold in the other ingredients (aside from the dessicated coconut). You should have a squishy mixture which is easy to form into balls. If your mixture is too firm or runny add a little juice, or some more ground almonds until you can easily handle the mixture. Remember the balls will firm up a bit in the fridge anyway.

Spread some dessicated coconut out on a large plate and roll the balls in it, before transferring to tubs for storage.

You can freeze these bites. I tend to just keep them in the fridge, though.



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