Heels Essentials – Buying guide

With so many new students wanting to try out heels classes, I thought it would be useful to consolidate the advice and websites I give out on a weekly basis.


Q & A

I want to try a heels class – do I need to buy special shoes?

For your first lessons – no you don’t. Any heels with an ankle strap will do. Stilettos, thick heel, wedge – it doesn’t matter. An ankle strap is preferred because it will help the shoes to stay securely on your feet. As you progress, you will require a platform shoe in order to slide over the outside edges of the shoe and learn advanced heels techniques.

Is there anything I do need for my first class?

Yes! Knee pads, knee pads, knee pads. Repeat after me – “I will buy knee pads”

Everyone is always so keen to buy or borrow sparkly shoes but most totally forget about protecting their bodies. Knee pads should be your first purchase!

It might seem like a big investment, but it sure is better to get kneepads than messing up your knees, hun.

If you want to invest in a branded pair, I would recommend grabbing some from Creatures of XiX https://creaturesofxix.co/collections/accessories

Pole Junkie also have a good selection of various brands https://www.polejunkie.co.uk/collections/knee-pads

But I want shiny new shoes, where do I buy them from? And which ones should I buy?

Some brands to look out for –

Try to avoid styles with lots of sparkly bits on for your first pair. They will come off and you will be disappointed. For practice, you need a basic pair, 6 or 7 inches high. I recommend a clear pair, with a clear strap. You can heat the strap to mould to your feet and they will do you proud for a long time.

Don’t go to an 8 inch (or above!) shoe until you have been dancing in 7 inch shoes for a decent length of time. You will not have the ankle stability to wear them safely, potentially leading to painful injuries. 8 inch shoes are heavier and harder to dance in – fact.

For narrow/wide feet, try to stick to shoes with a clear upper, or boots which can be adjusted. In my experience the shoes with coloured straps or slip on boots are a wider fitting.

Some newer styles of Pleaser now arrive with the front of the sole pre-cut. If there is a lip at the front and sides of the soles, don’t forget to shave your shoes once you get them! There are several ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, inlcuding this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jeYJESQXWQ

Some UK websites for purchasing shoes & boots include

What about clothes, what should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! Layer up, wear something pretty that doesn’t cut in and make you feel uncomfortable. I sometimes wear a hoodie and leggings (with shorts underneath in case I need my legs out for grip) and sometimes I wear a thong and glitter all over my face. It’s not about what you look like to others, it’s about how you feel inside!

My heels classes are a judgement free zone, so just wear what you like!

Happy dancing! xXx

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